EB-5: Alien Entrepreneur/Investor Visa

Investors have the option to invest in a single company or entity, or participate in the accredited Regional Center Program. The purpose of this investment is to create American jobs and for the investor and their immediate family members (spouse and children under age 21) to gain Legal Permanent Resident Status.

Investors participate in the "upside" by receiving capital gains and revenue distributions.

Requirements for Eligibility:

Personal Finance (one or more of the following)

  • An income in excess of USD $200,000 in each of the two most recent years (or joint income with your spouse in excess of USD $300,000 in each of those years), with a reasonable expectation of reaching the same income level in the coming year.
  • A net worth (or joint net worth with your spouse) in excess of USD $1,000,000, exclusive of the value of your primary residence.

The Investment

  • The investment made by the investor must be $900,000 (Regional Center) or $1.8 Million (single entity investment), not counting administrative fees.
  • The investment must involve some risk to the dividend or membership share the investor is expected to gain in the investment.
  • The investment must create 10 full-time U.S. jobs regardless of the investment entity or amount.

General Timeline (Subject to Change by the U.S. Government):

  • USCIS issues a decision on the potential investor's I-526 petition. Total Period: within 30-45 Months of date of filing.
  • Total estimated processing time to receive a temporary green card/conditional legal permanent resident status from the date the potential investor's I-526 is approved: within 9-30 Months. Actual processing times may vary depending on the USCIS and Consular Processing timeframes, and each potential investor's background.
  • The investor must file Form I-829 21 Months after the date of receipt of the conditional green card, in order to remove temporary conditions.
  • Permanent Green Cards and Legal Permanent Resident Status, if approved, will be received by the investor within 21-47 Months of filing to remove temporary conditions.
  • The timeframe for obtaining US citizenship is five years from the original date of the receipt of your conditional green card. After the termination of the five-year period, the Investor is eligible to receive the return of his or her $900,000/$1.8 Million investment, in accordance with the terms of the Subscription Documents of the particular investment the Investor has chosen to endow.