H-1/4: Specialty Occupation


This visa enables aliens to work up to six years in the United States under a specialty occupation, aka an occupation that requires a specialty skill set and the attainment of a baccalaureate degree (i.e. Financial Analysts, Computer Programmers, Operations Managers, etc).

Aliens who have worked as managers or executives are also eligible for this visa.

  • H-4 allows the beneficiary's dependents to join the beneficiary in the U.S. – spouse and children only.

Requirements for Eligibility:

  • The H1-B visa pertains to professional and specialty occupations.
  • The petitioner (employer) must prove that the position in which it seeks an H1-B visa requires that the job be completed by a professional.
  • The petitioner must also prove that the alien it has chosen to complete the job fits the basic requirements of the professional job task. Again, the H1-B visa usually pertains to individuals who are in a position that requires at least a U.S. baccalaureate degree or foreign equivalent.